Thanks, Shannon!

Shannon, thank you!

My gf Shannon is and was one of the friend whom frequently ask me "When do you intend to get married?".......

Often, I will just casually tell her "don't know" or "next year".. which the next year didn't come untill somewhere in end March I told her that I intend to get married this year end..

Well, she is one of the friend whom sigh a sigh of relief and said "FINALLY"! Haha..

Shannon has been a great help in preparing this special day for me.. She gave me guidance, she nags at me, given me tips etc.. 

More important is her action that supported me thru.. She whatsapp me often and ask me "Have you set the date ?, have you set the date, don't delay and bla bla"

Being someone whom is practical, she start sourcing hotel venue for me, whatsapp-ing me the proposed hotel info. While I am procastinating, she emailed hotel on my behalf and cc a copy me! Her action is indeed louder than words!

Appreciate much, Shannon!!