Happily Ever After -My Dream Wedding

I am getting married - woohoo!! 

When I was young, I dreamt that I'll be getting married at the age of 25 and will have my first child at 28 years old... 

I wished to have a fairy-tale wedding, walk down the aisle at a beautiful church and most importantly I wished to married a "rich guy with extremely good looks full of charisma and gentleness"...

In life, we plan and we tried our very best to execute our plan but God decides and pre-destined our life.. 

It's so awesome to know that God holds my future and pre-destined my life... He knows what best for me and He want the best for me.. He gave me His very best, His One and Only begotten darling son, Jesus!

Although my childhood dream wedding didn't come true (yup, my husband to be is NOT a rich guy with extremely good looks, neither is He full of charisma but he is the one whom love me most!), I am sure, the path ahead is an awesome journey of love with Jesus in the centre..